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Gran Galà Italia

Music, theater, cinema, art, fashion, crafts, food and wine, health, well-being: beauty and excellence in our country rroadcasted on 2 Italian national TVs:
Canale 68 (Bom Channel), Canale 254 (Grande Italia), and on over 100 regional and international TV stations for about a year (hundreds of repeats)
Presented by Elena Presti and Alfredo Nolasco
Mediterraneos Production by Gianni Gandi
Coordinated by Conny De Astis Nolasco

Reggio Film Festival

Reggio Calabria Film Fest.2020

Elena Presti as a journalist sent to RCFF for Calabria TV and for TeleSpazio, the TV channel for Southern Italy,
General Management: Michele Geria
Artistic Direction: Mimmo Calopreste.

Ministero della Salute - SIC

Elena Presti presents an initiative of the Italian Cardiology Society (SIC), in agreement with the Ministry of Health, for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death worldwide.
High levels of cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, hypertension, sedentary lifestyle and obesity are important risk factors.
Protect your heart: follow some simple rules every day..

Radio Mediterraneo

Elena Presti is the Artistic Director and Presenter of Radio Mediterraneo, a web radio created by Gianni Gandi which is followed online all over the world, is available on DAB radio frequencies throughout Germany and will soon be available on FM in Italy too.

Dietro le Quinte - Sanremo 2020

Interviews with emerging singers, big .. gossip & fashion .. current events ... everything and more!
Directed by Gianni Gandi
Operators - Paolo Franceschini - Aldo Bocelli
Gorial graphics
Executive production Mediteraneos Production
Copyright - Mediterraneos for Gianni Gandi
Atelier - Conny Caracciolo Roma
Studio Promotion - Salotti Romani - Digital Television Madrid

Salotti Romani

Elena Presti presents together with Princess Conny Caracciolo, fashion designer and owner of the Conny Caracciolo Atelier
Directed by Gianni Gandi, also composer and producer of Mediterraneos Production.
A program-format with the major exponents of art, theater, cinema, fashion, music, culture, sport, health and well-being in general.
Interesting interviews in a Roman living room / TV studio also with contributions from other Roman and non-Roman salons, theaters, cinemas, festivals, conferences, exhibitions, noteworthy awards in Rome and other Italian cities, always looking for characters, personalities and VIPs who with their experience and professionalism tell their events as protagonists with a wealth of anecdotes, glam, gossip and sincere revelations.
A tribute to that Dolce Vita that has also been lost a bit of harmonious television story to write itself in a very superficial way in digital posts, which also invade our lives as internet employees with fake news.

Testimonial Acqua King 2020

You decide to drink pure and beneficial water. With our reverse osmosis and microfiltration systems you will be good for yourself and for nature :.

Acqua King and GS Italia are registered trademarks of
Via Monte Terminillo 11
84090 Montecorvino Pugliano
P. IVA: 05622910650

Sanremo in the World

On the occasion of the 69th Italian Song Festival
Elena Presti and Cristiano Gatti lead the
Gran Defilè’di Moda
Summer Autumn Collections 2109
Staircase of the Municipal Casino of Sanremo
Saturday 9 February 2019

Organization: Manuela Poletti for Sanremo In The World srl
Artistic Director: Ilio Masprone
Directed by: Maurizio Girelli
Cameraman: Paolo Franceschini
Editing: Gianni Gandi
Make-up: Daniela Mariotti

Campagna Ministero Salute e SIC


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